Impossible Space: A Space Hero-Impossible Space v2.0.0 APK + MOD (MENU/God Mode, Money)

Impossible Space: A Space Hero-Impossible Space v2.0.0 APK + MOD (MENU/God Mode, Money) title=

Impossible Space: A Space Hero


Impossible Space will take our players to explore many different planets in unique ways. This is the hottest action super product today and is in the most sought-after category in the game market. Cross the terrible roads, sweep the enemies to find the ideal planet for life. This discovery is not expected to be easy, and users should prepare mentally before entering the game.


Do you have a passion for exploring living planets? I know this won’t be easy, but with your own undying spirit, anything is possible. Impossible Space will always accompany you in the hardships, challenges, and even show the way for yourself. Be mentally strong and enter the exciting games this time, promising to have a lot of surprises that will attract you.

Players will become powerful heroes to be able to lead our army to explore and conquer the ultimate planets. This exploration will, at first, be challenging and full of thorns ahead. You will have to pass thousands of arduous roads, and those roads are full of enemies who are burning with enthusiasm against you. What do you have to do to survive? Keep an undying spirit, a steady mind, and fight them fiercely.


Rest assured, because Impossible Space is ready to provide you with the necessary and indispensable items that are weapons. Weapons are both a means of fighting for yourself and for your spirit to be better. And when we fight, we can’t help but carry a weapon because it is also a decisive part of our goals.

The game provides you with an arsenal of weapons of all kinds, from the smallest to the most effective weapons. You can also add weapons yourself by going through the roads; let’s fight to rob us of our arsenal. In addition, each successful turn will accumulate a large amount of money to unlock many large arsenals for players successfully.


This exploration has many difficulties and challenges ahead. Hundreds of levels will be reproduced most completely and realistically so that players can feel all this excitement. Impossible Space will give you a lot of different challenges, and the main task is that we have to defeat the monsters, the bad guys on our exploration paths.

In addition, you also upgrade your own abilities and technical skills for yourself to become an immortal hero. The most advanced equipment system is now fully reproduced in the game, and new players have the most accurate feel. The game also uses interesting images combined with unique sounds to create a distinctive feature.

It is the game Impossible Space that can win the hearts of players. There are novelties in the way the character is created, and the unique charms in the form of play have created a memorable impression. Be yourself, affirm your talents and win the trust and love of people.