MathLand-MathLand v02.28.003 APK (Full Game)

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MathLand is both a game and a learning app. This is our unique point in alternating learning and playing experiences for children. Thanks to that, they can learn much faster. You won’t hesitate to go on an adventure with unlimited math like this. This is considered a very effective learning method. An official educational adventure is opened to welcome the participation of boys and girls.


First of all, let’s explore the plot with us. Specifically, opposite you is an extremely evil pirate named Max. That’s why he stole the island’s most sacred jewels. It continued to curse all the islands that had brought them trouble, not stopping there. One of those challenges comes from obstacles along with an unlimited trap system. They were originally working to prevent the development of pirates, so they were extremely diligent and hated these unlucky islands.
Moving the ship safely is also an important task.

When you arrive in this world, you transform into a hero who helps Ray, a true pirate. Your task is to restore the order of things as nature has arranged. Players need to embark on a smart, complete gem search journey. Not stopping there, you also have to control and navigate the ship to move safely through the seas. However, the important thing here is that you need to conquer the one-of-a-kind spyglass to serve the special island adventure.


MathLand offers you hundreds of math problems to solve to get to the often valuable pieces. We bring you more than 25 levels from easy to difficult parallel with hundreds of different obstacles. If you can get past all of them, the unique chests will definitely be in your possession. At the same time, hundreds of parrots or volcanic and lava systems constantly threaten you.


Get lost in the game of learning while playing, solving the most elementary math problems to support the children’s simple math learning. Experience unlimited obstacles with challenges from parrots, volcanoes, or even death scenes. Enter the journey to conquer rare treasure chests with hundreds of alternate calculations. Consolidate what you’ve learned with the timetable in your quest to rescue what’s been robbed. Uncover the mysteries surrounding the island with the most monstrous and evil pirates on the planet.