Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design-Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design v1.16.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design-Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design v1.16.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) title=

Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design


Fruit Diary 2: Manor Design will help you satisfy your passion for interior design and make your home more beautiful than ever. Who does not want to have a beautiful house once in their life and come to this game, all dreams will come true? Take on various challenges, from playing match-3 puzzles and earning lots of money to remodeling your place.


Indeed, the match-3 game genre will not be too strange for many players because the gameplay is simple but still brings a sense of fun. And if you have never played Fruit Diary 2 before, with just a few instructions, you can master it quickly. Stepping into the game screen, you will see many fruits placed in each square, and you only need to connect three or more of the same type to explode them.

Just reconnecting is not enough because you also need to fulfill each screen’s requirements, such as how many fruits you have to collect. However, the number of times you can perform the operations is limited, so you will lose if the turn is over and you still haven’t made the request. Later on, there will be more and more complex challenges, so get yourself the perfect strategies.


After each level, you will receive some valuable rewards such as gold coins and stars to use to refurbish your house. You will start by building a big villa with a large yard with many trees. After completing one place, you will be unlocked to other rooms such as the bedroom, living room, or living room.

To complete your house as quickly as possible, you must try to pass the levels smoothly to avoid wasting time replaying too many times. The furniture inside each room must be meticulously designed with many colors. Coming to Fruit Diary 2, you will think that you are in an actual room and will be its owner.


The game will bring moments of entertainment with extremely classic but attractive match-3 puzzle levels.After each level, there will be rewards given, and you will use them to upgrade your house.The game’s graphics use 3D technology with bright colors to help the image be displayed beautifully.The game will regularly bring players updates along with exciting events.The game’s variety will be shown through many different rooms inside the house.