Airport Security-Airport Security v1.5.1 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Airport Security-Airport Security v1.5.1 MOD APK (Free Rewards) title=

Airport Security


On duty as a police officer controlling the airport area, you will find Airport Security really impressive and unique. This is a casual game; players always create safety checks for themselves. It would help if you found the harassers, the cold-blooded terrorists, to protect this flight well. Especially the game equips you with a variety of modern weapons, vehicles, and items so that you can serve your own mission.


You are an airport policeman, so you must be well prepared with all the items to check all passengers. You will be dealing with many travelers, be they domestic or international, and you need to know a foreign language to work with them. Moreover, you will also meet many different types of people, and there will be harassers. Your task is to review all cases and adjust the participants on this flight.

You will be provided with a range of necessary items to serve your work. Airport Security offers you a magic flashlight that can scan and scan passenger files and identification documents. Passengers who forge passports and misuse permits must be handled thoroughly. The game also gives you a variety of weapons to defend yourself if you encounter bad or unexpected situations.


Airport Security is always refreshing by presenting bad cases or special cases for you to handle effectively. The special thing is that difficult situations will also present and challenge you so that you can handle them wisely. Sometimes you come across unruly people who want to take advantage of the opportunity to sabotage the flight, and you need to arrest those guys and take them to a new area to handle them so as not to interfere with this flight.

You will also scan a few suitcases with strange objects strange signs that you should open and conduct a thorough review. Sometimes there are hidden secrets, or maybe bombs are planted to interfere with the flight. In such cases, you need to immediately notify the authorities to cancel the flight and evacuate the passengers to a safe location. You need to pay special attention to some passengers with strange expressions or unusual signs.


Cases of organized terrorism will often appear in flights, and you need to handle them thoroughly. In particular, you need to pay attention in the cabins because there will be people who play bad tricks and affect the surrounding passengers. At such times you need to use restraint on those passengers and force them to stay seated for the rest of the flight. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to use a flexible policy so that you can easily talk to them.

You need to hone a series of the most modern behavioral skills because those skills help you handle a lot of situations. The point worth noting is that you need to gradually increase the level and progressively increase the difficulty of the situations to help yourself overcome major barriers. Moreover, you also need to come up with useful upgrades, and if the situation is force majeure, you can use the gun to handle it. Guns and self-made weapons are always things you should carry to protect yourself.

Here, Airport Security gives you new challenges to increase your ability to handle situations. The game also wants you to exploit more from yourself and take advantage of your experience to create safe flights. Upgrade the necessary items new weapons to protect well as well as against the strong attack of criminals. Only you can arrest airport criminals and give passengers the safest flights.


You must grasp all the rules and regulations of the airport and carry out the main task that the game requires and entrusts.Put all the responsibility first, and you need to handle the cases of disobedience of the authorities in this airport.Use all the accompanying weapons and modern means to be able to track down the suitcases and passports in this airport.Sanction or use coercive measures in some cases against all authorities present at the airport.Scan all passengers’ baggage and seize unauthorized items to protect your flight and save your life.