My Town: Friends House-My Town: Friends House v7.00.07 MOD APK (Unlocked all heroes)

My Town: Friends House-My Town: Friends House v7.00.07 MOD APK (Unlocked all heroes) title=

My Town: Friends House


My Town: Best Friends’ House is a game most aimed at young users when it brings a doll world with many things prepared. In each location that the player passes through, they will easily find a variety of other objects, characters, and their customizable expressions. The number of hearts will be scattered throughout the levels, and you will be able to unlock impressive rewards when collecting them.


My Town is a series of games with a doll world that players younger or older can also experience the fun it brings, and they should not miss My Town : Best Friends’ House. The game offers a new exploration with interesting friends in different locations that you can explore. At the same time, this game is suitable when helping players satisfy their exploration interests because of the variety in environments and characters.

In this game, players will not need many skills to experience it because all operations are focused on swiping and touching the screen. In other words, you will be able to touch any object that you want to explore in this game, like kitchen utensils. At the same time, the amount of activities that the player can think of is completely fun, so the game offers an impressive entertainment potential.


As mentioned above, players will enter the doll world of My Town: Best Friends’ House and can do whatever they like. They can freely move the appearing character to any position they want. At the same time, players can also touch the objects they see and activate them to operate. Therefore, they will stimulate people’s exploration, and the player enters locations in a specific house.

In each house, players will find many rooms with completely detailed designs in the game, and of course, they will touch the objects they see. If the characters are nearby, you will be able to bring these objects to them and see a specific change and interaction. You will realize the variety of interactions between characters and objects in a multi-room house, and you will immerse yourself in the exciting world this game has to offer.


Another feature that the doll world of My Town: Best Friends’ House can bring to you is the addition of new characters to the game. You will easily do this by tapping on a series of selection lists that the game offers. It only takes a few seconds, then some characters will appear, and you have to take them to the location you want. This feature is used to add any place you want without spending too much time searching.

The interesting feature of these characters is that they can all touch objects that they can hold in reality. Therefore, it will create a certain amount of coordination to see the change of objects when the characters hold them. You will be able to change their emotions when you touch them and wait for many different emotions to appear. So this game offers the freedom to explore and the comfort of exploring the cute world.


In the process of exploring the world of My Town: Best Friends’ House, players also do not forget the red left looking icons that appear scattered in the environment. So when you tap on a heart, a progress bar will appear, and next to it, there will be a mysterious gift. You can find multiple ways to fill this progress bar, and when the process is complete, you’ll choose a gift from three surprises. Interesting items are waiting for you to unlock.

Players will spend time experiencing the doll world that the game brings:

A world with many locations that players can explore with many possibilities that they can try to satisfy their curiosity.Objects can be moved easily and can be brought to nearby characters to see their expressions.The combination of characters and objects will create many different abilities and curiosity for players when they want to see their change.Players can add any character they want to a location where they are and change the character’s expression at any time.Many heart symbols will appear scattered throughout the locations, and you will carefully collect them and unlock impressive gifts.